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From the owner

With over 10 years experience, chef owner, Shawn An finally brought his passion and creativity to the heart of Hill Country Texas. He opened his restaurant in Kerrville, Texas on April 2014. Shawn has been trained under a Japanese sushi master, Kubokawa-san, when he first began his journey in Houston.

Working at Four Seasons Houston allowed him to expand his culinary skills. At Four Seasons, he picked up Italian and French cuisines. Then he continued learning different technique of cooking from all over the States. He also opened his first restaurant in Shenyang, China in 2011.

Flavor and freshness are the two main focuses when he's crafting his plates. Shawn's favorite items from the menu are Stir-fry Seafood Noodles and Peppered Tuna Tataki. They are must try items when you come visit us!

Making extraordinary hand-made noodle

Our flat hand-made noodles are made from scratch with hand-picked ingredients. They are fresh, rich and nourishing. Their texture is firm and stretchy, almost "Al Dente" as the Italian say. Chinese call it "弹力".

Sake Home Cooking & Sushi Bar is committed to provide fresh, flavorful, hand made Asian food at reasonable price. We believe in fresh ingredients, handmade foods, and natural flavors. This speaks of who we are when we open our door in the heart of Hill Country.

Standard is the one thing we count on. If we can make it better, we will not serve to you any less.